Become a Red Drum Carrier and Join a Lineage of Women Claiming Their Place as Drummers of the Divine

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Are you a leader in your community? Do you work with women? Run full or new moon groups? Red Tents? Do you work with young women and their mothers-menarche?


Those who run healing circles of all kinds--addictions, sexual abuse, loss etc...
Women who gather monthly to work through life cycles of any kind, first moon, menopause, croning....

Do you love the Red Drum and the divine feminine ways it stands for?

Do you wish that the women you work with could have an opportunity to deepen into the work with the creation of a Red Drum?

If this speaks to you please apply now - because the world needs you at this time!




And so it was that many years ago now, in a spirit journey that I first saw the red drum.

Initially it started as a spirit journey to ask for an image to place on a drum, but instead my entire journey was in red, my guides were red, the landscape was red, and when I saw a red drum placed into my hands, I knew that I was to make a red drum, and that the colour Red was the symbol-the symbol of the feminine divine, of life, death and rebirth, and the colour that I was to carry.

This colour is also deeply associated with my Romanian/Ukrainian ancestors where the colour that is used for protection, fertility and strength. This colour as you can see has carried me into my own spiritual practise and within the work that I offer.

From the Hindu goddess Kali’s red tongue, to the red robes worn by Mary Magdalene, each carries an essence of Red and in turn, each of us also carries within us an essence of all the archetypal goddesses.

This is our birthright as a woman, for it is the red blood that we hold within our bodies and wombs that enables us to live, and give birth and it is this aspect that connects us to each other, as we all cycle...


​Over the next months, giving away to years, the significance of the colour red would come to me in my work over and over again, teaching me and showing me a constantly unfolding path... Red has became the touchstone for my work as a writer, and of course is in the name of the Mystery School.


In her book "When the drummers Were Woman", Layne Redmond says “The drum was the means our ancestors used to summon the goddess and also the instrument through which she spoke. The drumming priestess was the intermediary between divine and human realms. Aligning herself with sacred rhythms, she acted as summoner and transformer, invoking divine energy and transmitting it to the community.”

These powerful words sum up so much about the role of the drum for myself and for many of the women who come to my workshops and purchase these red drums. There is much meaning to be learned from crafting and using a sacred drum.


The sound of the drum is said to be the heartbeat of the mother, likewise the roundness of the frame in the context of my work represents the moon, and the wood coming from the ancient tree of life.

When I gather women together for our drum making workshops I play ancient sounds of the frame drum and together each woman handcrafts her own sacred tool. We begin with the frame, which is the foundation for the drum and as they work in creating the drum, each piece is blessed and held close to our beating heart.


​Ancient drums owned by woman were specifically painted red using Ochre to represent blood, menstruation and birthing rites. It is in the spirit of this ancient tradition that I too dye my drums red.


Over the years I began to teach small workshops of women how to make their own Red drums, and I offer them for sale on my web-site, as well as running a leadership program for women who are leaders in their own communities who want to pass the Red drum teachings along!


Now 10 years later we have started a thriving and growing community of Red Drum Carriers.



"Crafting my initiatory Red drum was one of the most powerful experiences and emotionally moving moments of my life. The reverence. The awe. The activation. Becoming a Red Drum Leader and sharing Nikiah’s teachings is like drinking from the clearest and most luscious river. My womb and my soul are nourished so deeply by being able to share Nikiah’s teachings in my own bodies of work."


John Doe


If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.


In return for becoming a Red Drum leader/ ambassador there will be a one time fee of $250 for the use of my intellectual property, and a simple contract to sign saying that you will not steal my work or claim credit as the creator of the Red Drum. This is the integrity piece.

As a part of the integrity contract all drum kits will be bought from me. Prices for kits will be given upon acceptance into the program and will include everything you will need to offer your workshop including the hide, hoops, lacings, special dye, decorations, almost everything except water and your own flair!


For your $250 fee as a Red Drum Leader/Ambassador you will receive: 

~ A training PDF with information on cost of the drum kits {sizes etc..} handouts to give to your group, access to the on-line drum making course with which is filled with inspiring information on the ancient ways of women and drum's, access to my videos on how to make the drums and mallet's themselves, structure of the day, caring for drums, and much more!

~ One on one Skype support time {as needed} with Nikiah to go over anything you feel unsure of ask questions trouble shoot etc...

~ Advertising for your workshop/ group/s through our on-line community along with a listing that includes your image and link to your web-site.

~ A private Facebook page for leaders to trouble shoot, ask questions and share ideas.

~ Being part of a group of leaders working with the divine feminine through the sacred drum.

The first step is to send in an application and then we will have a skype meeting to see if your group and work is are a good fit for the red drum.

If the fit is good we will move to the next step of getting you set up as a Red Drum leader and then the rest is up to you!

Next steps: 

​The next step is to send in an application and then we will have a Zoom meeting to see if your group and work is are a good fit for Red Drum leadership.

If the fit is good we will move to the next step of getting you set up as a Red Drum leader and then the rest is up to you!

*Please note if you are unsure in your ability to learn how to make drums and then teach that process or are hoping for a huge manual and/or hand holding on how to create and run workshops, then this may not be a good fit for you.*