Ritual Kit-Healing the Witch Wound


Ritual Kit-Healing the Witch Wound


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This deluxe kit comes packaged in a sturdy black box, which is reusable and wonderful for storing altar items.

We live in times where being a witch or practising magic and witchcraft is for the most part safe, but this was not always so.

Every time we pick up the practise of magic, we are reclaiming the word witch and healing the Witch Wound.

I would also add that the witch wound healing is about much more then picking up the craft, but this is a beautiful place to start.

Inside your box you will find:

A bag of the Witches oracle/Runes

A Black Onyx Pendulum and pendulum Board

A soapstone incense burner and a tube of coal

Dragons blood resin, Juniper berries and a herbal mix each in a small corked bottle.

Three spell candles, Green for prosperity, White for the ancestors,  Red for love and Black for protection.

Tree of life Spell candle holder

A beeswax tea light and spell candle as well as matches.

A bottle of Hawthorn Rose Tincture that was brewed in brandy. This is good for protection and as heart medicine, both the healing fo a broken heart as well as helping our physical hearts stay strong.

A pen with the moon phases on the side.

A Key. These keys represent places of liminal space, as they open doorways and represent spiritual openings.

A Tree of life silver pendant.



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